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In this course the treatment with MSE will be described in detail. This new technique expands the scope of non-surgical treatment options, helps to control difficult cases and improves the quality of treatment in adults with transverse maxillary deficiency. Additional functional benefits on breathing and maxillary protraction in adolescents are currently under investigation and a peak-preview on preliminary study results will be presented. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Which cases qualify for MSE treatment
  • How to determine the amount of expansion
  • How to position the MSE on the palate properly: the analog and digital way
  • What are the contraindications for MSE treatment
  • How can the MSE be used to manage challenging cases
  • Peak-preview on the possible functional and orthopedic effects of MSE treatment.

Dr. Christoph Moschik, DDS, MSc

Dr. Christoph Moschik did his dental training at the Medical University of Graz (Austria) and his 3-year specialty orthodontic training at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) under supervision of Dr. Won Moon. Dr. Moschik graduated from UCLA in 2018 and is an diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. During his training his focus was on MSE treatment and he researched about its effects on the maxilla, nasal cavity and breathing functions.

He currently lives in Munich, Germany and works full time in his own private practice “relax & smile®”.

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