Experience the pinnacle of dental education with our meticulously crafted online course on "Treatment of Orofacial Pain, TMD, and Bruxism." Delve into the realm of TMJ disorders, their significance to dental practitioners, the intricate world of bruxism, and the critical interplay between bruxism and sleep-disordered breathing. Renowned experts Dr. Damian Teo, Dr. Derek Mahony, and Dr. David Penn graced us with their knowledge and insights during the live lectures, paving the way for an enriching learning journey. The success of this remarkable event was palpable as attendees were captivated by the in-depth discussions and innovative strategies presented. Now, you can relive these transformative moments by accessing the professionally recorded and expertly edited video recordings. Don't miss the chance to gain unparalleled insights and strategies from the experts themselves. Elevate your practice and expand your expertise by purchasing the online recordings of this exceptional lecture series. Your journey to enhanced dental proficiency begins here.

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The lectures will be available after 2-3 weeks of live lecture

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