Postnominals: GradDipClinDent(Orth)

3 Years

18 Modules

26 Clinical Days

And a WORLD of opportunity

After completion, you will be awarded the Graduate Diploma from the City of London Dental School (CoLDS) and have a postnominal of GradDipClinDent(Orth).

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1. What is the EODO Orthodontic Mini Residency?

EODO Orthodontic Mini Residency is a comprehensive three-year program designed for both fresh graduates and experienced specialists. It equips participants with advanced orthodontic skills, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical clinical sessions.

2. Do I need any prior orthodontic knowledge or experience?

No, the course caters to individuals with varied backgrounds. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced dentist, the program is designed to accommodate all levels of expertise.

3. What does the clinical component involve?

Clinical sessions are held at Full Face Orthodontics Practices. Participants observe expert consultations, diagnoses, and treatment planning. Under supervision, they can also perform treatments, provided patients' consent. The first year includes 6 Preclinical sessions focusing on technical aspects before transitioning to clinical sessions.

4. I am a non-practising dentist in Australia. Can I attend clinical sessions?

Yes, you can attend clinical sessions without active Australian registration. However, if you wish to perform treatments under supervision, active practising registration in Australia is necessary.

5. How are the clinical sessions structured over the three years?

Clinical sessions are spread out over the three years. This deliberate spacing allows participants to implement their learning between sessions. Smaller, focused sessions allow in-depth discussions about individual cases, enhancing the overall learning experience.

6. What support is available after graduation?

EODO offers various support options post-graduation, including case reviews and treatment progress comments. Costs for additional support range from $50 to $1000, depending on the level of assistance required.

7. Are there specific orthodontic materials I need to purchase?

While specific brands are not mandated, basic orthodontic materials are necessary. A list of essential materials will be provided at the beginning of the course. These materials are standard and should be readily accessible, even internationally.

8. On the link - for the payment of $1080 per month, it says I can attend only 25% of the course online. In which scenario may I attend 100% of the classes online?

We believe that learning is always better in person. The students who attend online will have minimal interaction with the instructors as well as will not be doing hands-on sessions. As a result, we are asking the students to specify the way they prefer to attend the class. Here is the course structure for in-person vs. online attendees.

In-person attendees:

  • Should attend a minimum of 75% of the courses in person. 
  • Will be charged $300 for every module they miss after that.
  • Need to do 26 clinical sessions in total ( 6 Preclinical, and 20 Clinical)
  • Total Price for theory: $21,600 ( $18,360 for an upfront payment)

Online Attendees:

  • Can attend all the classes online
  • Need to specify beforehand
  • Need to do 30 clinical sessions in total ( 6 Preclinical, and 24 Clinical)
  • Total Price for theory: $21,600 ( $18,360 for an upfront payment)

9. Are financial assistance or payment plans available?

EODO offers payment plans, making the program financially accessible. Various options are available to suit different financial needs.

10. Would 3 blocks of 10 sessions be ideal over 3 years or 6 blocks of 5 days?

One of the reasons we spread the course over 3 years is that we want our students to learn ideas from clinical sessions and implement those on the patients in their own practice. When you get back to another clinical session, you discuss your patients with our experts and get an idea of how you managed the patient and get feedback. I suggest doing the least number of clinical sessions possible at a time for this reason.

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Dr Derek Mahony

Dr. Mahony is a Specialist Orthodontist who has been in private practice for over 30 years. He has built his practice, clinical teaching, and worldwide reputation in offering early interceptive orthodontic treatment. Dr. Mahony is an invited reviewer for many dental journals, in the field of facial development, and its association with nasal breathing. He has been involved in leading research linking maxillary arch expansion to reducing a number of systemic disorders such as bed wetting and ADHD.