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Managing Sagittal Problems with aligners. Class II Malocclusion

Dr. Alessandro Mario Greco DDS PhD

The use of orthodontic aligners represents one of the modern trend worldwide used to treat different levels of malocclusions. All the features builded inside aligner have been introduced in order to achieve more predictability in the relationship between plastic and teeth. The idea to visualize patient initial malocclusion by means of a 3D software can widen diagnostic information received from patient micro-esthetic conditions and occlusal situation, while the Digital Setup create a complete new approach to orthodontic patients allowing to plan all orthodontic treatment and dental movements at one single stage (Digital Orthodontics) and not appointment by appointment (Traditional Orthodontics). Following biomechanical and biological patient needs the orthodontist can fully apply orthodontic principles which are the basis of personal background modifying only the time of application and the release of forces. The use of auxiliary for troubleshooting represents also an important part of management of the problems normally encountered during orthodontic treatment, but when the Digital Plan (clincheck) is structured respecting the 3B (Biomechanics, Biological limit, Background application) the finishing of the final outcome will easily superimposed to the digital simulation. The release of orthodontic forces mediated by the mind of the orthodontists and released by smart plastic aligners may totally change orthodontic approach with a combination of highly effective results in complex cases even with combined orthodontic auxiliaries during treatment.



1- How to treat sagittal problems with aligners

2- How to control occlusal contacts

3- How to predictably improve the finishing of your treatments


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