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Online consultations in the era of COVID-19

Dr Geeta Perks

We're all aware of the current climate since COVID-19 and the very real impact it is having on the dental community globally. In her lecture Dr Geeta Perks will discuss how this is impacting dentists and practices, how online consultations help dentists triage their patients in a safely, preventing the unnecessary spread of the virus and inevitably saving lives. She talks about compliance and the things to consider before jumping into taking up video consults. Dr Geeta Perks will talk about her family background in dentistry and how she has created virtuaden, a free all-in-one online consulting system as a way to help the dental community through this crisis.

Learning objectives:

  1. To provide help on how you may maintain your patient list
  2. Continue providing dental services
  3. Things to consider before using video consults

Points discussed:

Intro & family background


Current status

What are level 3 restrictions

Dental council recommendations

How do we communicate with patients

The world has changed

Video consults - things to consider

Triage flow


Thank you

Dr Geeta Perks

  • Dentist BDS Manchester Turner Dental School 2001
  • 19 years clinical experience UK & Aus
  • Founder Virtuden
  • Director Dental Focus Marketing
  • Advisor Dental Focus UK
  • Co-founder Mouth Cancer Foundation
  • Fellow Pierre Fauchard Academy

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