Included Lecture Topics

  • Lecture One: Cephalometrics, Jefferson Analysis Pt1.
  • Lecture Two: Cephalometrics, Jefferson analysis pt2.
  • Lecture Three: Frontal PA Skull Analysis
  •   Lecture Four: Intraoral & Extraoral Photography
  • Lecture Five: CBT, Thumbsucking and Myofunctional Considerations in Orthodontics
  •   Lecture Six: Treatment in Deciduous Dentition. Breast Feeding. Early Myofunctional Treatment. Bruxism in Children
  • Lecture Seven: Bracket Positioning and Use of Elastics Pt.1
  • Lecture Nine: Variable Torque and Smile Analysis
  •  Lecture Eight: Indirect Bonding
  • Lecture Ten: Ligation - Consent Forms
  •   Lecture Eleven: Functional Ortho Support Group Lecture on Consent and BSSCMD Intro

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