Dr Elina Castro

Dentist and Orofacial Myofunctional Practitioner

Dr Elina Castro has over 20 years of experience working as a dentist both in Brazil

and Australia.

She has been working closely with Dr. Derek Mahony, very well know orthodontist

in Australia and worldwide, for 6 years.

She has a special interest in treating malocclusion in deciduous dentition, with a

focus on breaking unhealthy oral habits and restoring nasal breathing.

As co-founder of the Dentofacial Institute, Elina works in conjunction with oral

myofunctional therapists and functional appliances to facilitate optimal growth and

development of the face. She also focuses on identifying and treating tongue and

lip ties as early as possible to prevent feeding, speech, compromised facial growth

and teeth crowding. Follows Dr. Soroush’s functional frenuloplasty protocol and

had the pleasure of working side by side with him recently.

Nada Makki-Karnib

MSpchLangPath, SPSP, BSc. Biomed Sc.

Nada is the principal speech pathologist at Q Speech & Learning Clinic with 20 years of combined experience as a hospital scientist and in private practice. She works with people of all ages in the treatment of communication and feeding disorders, with a special interest in Oromyofunctional disorders. Nada is also co-founder of the Dentofacial Institute and the Australian Orofacial Myology Collaboration (AOMC). She lectures nationally and internationally to share her passion of early intervention with her colleagues.

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