The Damon Series

So much of what we do, and know, in orthodontics, is based on flawed mechanical principles.

We hang on to concepts that limit our thinking, and what we can offer our patients.

But it's up to us, in our careers, to drive our knowledge, improve our patients outcomes, and move our industry forward.

So why the Damon System?

It is more than a new bracket – it’s an entirely new orthodontic concept, based on light biological forces.

The Damon System delivers improved tooth position and improved facial symmetry, usually without the need for rapid palatal expansion, premolar extractions, or surgery.

I can say , that after 32 years of moving teeth, it is the best system I have used to date

This beautifully comprehensive 56 hour video course, plus a huge resource of reading material, guides and charts, will cover everything you need to know, so you can safely implement the Damon System into your practice.

Dr. Derek Mahony

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