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A New Orthodontic Paradigm for a Healthy Immune System

Now more than ever, a healthy immune system is vital. Non-retractive orthodontics can facilitate nasal breathing and good sleep which supports a healthy immune system. 

Participants will learn how orthodontics can:

1. Affect the airway - positively or negatively

2. Be done without retraction to maintain or improve an airway

2. Reverse previous retractive treatment to improve an airway

Dr Bill Hang 


Dr. Bill Hang is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry and the University of Minnesota Orthodontic program where he briefly taught orthodontics. He then established a very traditional orthodontic practice in rural Vermont. After about seven years he became dissatisfied with the faces the traditional orthodontic approach produced and embarked on a continuing education journey that is ongoing. In the process he moved to Southern California and developed a truly unique orthodontic practice with strong emphasis on facial esthetics achieved with innovative early treatment and adult treatment, but also became aware of the significant positive affect some of his treatments were having on the airway. This opened up a whole new aspect of orthodontics - maximizing the airway for ALL orthodontic patients and specifically treating patients with sleep disordered breathing or obstructive sleep apnea.

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